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  • What my favorite Super Bowl ad says about Americans’ top domestic priority
    Or why we need to rescue the Rescue Funds I have a new habit when I’m brushing my teeth at night – counting vacant houses. Last night I counted 6 vacant units visible out my window. This is in the middle of one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Vacant houses are on my mind personally (I […]
  • Tracking ARPA Spending by State and Local Governments
    Understanding how state and local governments are spending their American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds can be challenging, but several groups have put together excellent trackers to aid in this quest. This post highlights key features (and a few limitations) of four trackers.
  • Did You Know? 5 Facts about Jared from a Recent Interview
    Jared recently talked with Leanpub co-founder Len Epps on the podcast Frontmatter. This post has 5 fun facts Jared shared in the episode.
  • The danger of Truman’s one-handed economists
    A retrospective on the use of data in the school closure debate This edition of The Civic Pulse I want to talk about something close to my heart – the debate about expertise, empiricism, and their role in public decision making. I’ll explore this topic through the public debate about school closures and COVID-19 because it serves as an excellent […]
  • Civilytics Asks, Treasury Responds (Well, Kind Of)
    Civilytics made 5 requests to Treasury in our comments on the Interim Rule this summer, and we were eager to see how they responded this month. Here we share a recap of our original comments, Treasury’s recent responses, and our takeaways.
  • What You Should Know about the Final Rule for ARPA’s State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds
    The final rules are now available for the American Rescue Plan Act’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. Here we briefly review changes in the final rules and what they mean for how local governments can use funds.
  • Getting things done at Civilytics (Jared’s version)
    This issue will skew a bit tech-heavy because in 2021 I spent a lot of time rethinking the tools we use to improve collaboration and scale to more than one employee. This will be the first in an annual issue of The Civic Pulse looking into our lab and sharing a bit about how we get things done. If you are curious about tech, thinking about business software solutions for your own work, or wonder a bit about what the day-to-day in a small data science company looks like — I hope you enjoy! In this issue you’ll find: Open source tools spurring our collaboration and securing our data Communication tools for sharing findings to very different audiences Statistical tools we’ve built or are building Tools we are learning about or in search of — have an idea/recommendation/suggestion, let us know!