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  • Happy birthday Civilytics!
    A look back, a look forward, and STATS-DC This year marks the 5th anniversary of Civilytics Consulting (founded 8/28/2016). Five years is undoubtedly a milestone – one that most of the times I was sure I’d make it to but not always! When I founded Civilytics, it was with a five-year plan in mind. My plan was to build a […]
  • Four Ways to Look at Police Spending
    As I mentioned in a prior post, I recently presented to a group of academic researchers on local budgets and police spending. In the presentation (and elsewhere ), I talked about 4 different way to look at and present police expenditures. Trying out each approach is important because different frames or lenses can be more powerful or resonate more with […]
  • Myths & Realities of Local Budgets + The Cost of Policing
    I recently presented to a group of academic researchers on the myths and realities of local budgets and police spending and staffing. These are some of the lessons learned from reading and analyzing dozens of city and county budgets in the past 2 years. I wanted to share some of the presentation takeaways with all of you. 3 Key Elements […]
  • What you should know about crime waves and public safety
    Plus catch my presentation at STATS-DC later this month! There’s been lots of discussion of “crime waves” in the past few months. One thing I cannot emphasize enough is how detached these conversations are from both the empirical evidence and the lived experience of violence in the U.S. Whether you are interested in data and measurement, or concerned about how […]
  • 7 Bold Ideas for How to Use ARPA Funds
    In sharing these ideas, we are trying to encourage communities and organizers to think bigger and bolder about how to use ARPA funds. We do not intend to say these are the “best” ideas for your community or the most impactful options. Instead, we want to collectively brainstorm and share ideas about how to use funds in ways that do […]
  • We uncovered a 5-word change to ARPA worth $5 billion
    Analysis featured in major story We’re thrilled to share this Intercept article by Rachel Cohen featuring our analysis uncovering a $5 billion change to how ARPA aid is distributed. From the article: According to Civilytics researchers Jared Knowles and Hannah Miller, in states that have large populations living in unincorporated areas — places outside the bounds of local or municipal […]
  • Civilytics’ analysis uncovers $5 billion inequality in aid program for 100M Americans
    ~ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ~ Boston, MA – June 30, 2021 – A new analysis by Civilytics Consulting shows how 5 words in a Senate amendment led to $5 billion in ARPA funds shifting between states. As a result, local governments in some states can receive 10x as much aid per resident as their counterparts in other states. Rachel M. […]