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  • We uncovered a 5-word change to ARPA worth $5 billion
    Analysis featured in major story We’re thrilled to share this Intercept article by Rachel Cohen featuring our analysis uncovering a $5 billion change to how ARPA aid is distributed. From the article: According to Civilytics researchers Jared Knowles and Hannah Miller, in states that have large populations living in unincorporated areas — places outside the bounds of local or municipal […]
  • Civilytics’ analysis uncovers $5 billion inequality in aid program for 100M Americans
    ~ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ~ Boston, MA – June 30, 2021 – A new analysis by Civilytics Consulting shows how 5 words in a Senate amendment led to $5 billion in ARPA funds shifting between states. As a result, local governments in some states can receive 10x as much aid per resident as their counterparts in other states. Rachel M. […]
  • How You Too Can Become Obsessed with Understanding ARPA Aid Allocations (Part III – Data and Methods)
    Here at Civilytics we sunk way more time into understanding ARPA aid allocations than we initially expected to. The more we learned, the more we wanted to know – and we got a little obsessed. We justify this to ourselves and to you by reiterating that this is $19.53 billion, affecting 27,000+ local governments across the country, and at least […]
  • How 5 Words Shifted $5 Billion Dollars (ARPA Aid to Small Towns Part II)
    Update (6/29/2021): We’ve published our full methodology in part 3 including how you can recreate this analysis using official data sources and why it took so long to figure out. In Part I we showed that the decision to allocate non-entitlement unit (NEU) funding based on the non-metro population rather than the NEU population led states with large unincorporated populations […]
  • Civilytics’ Comments on the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Interim Final Rule
    Updated 7/15/21 to reflect the final comments Civilytics submitted to Treasury We submitted the following comments about the U.S. Treasury’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds administrative rule. Comments on administrative rules are an important part of the lawmaking process, giving the public the opportunity to be heard on important administrative details that agencies must resolve to carry out […]
  • ARPA Aid to Small Towns
    Treasury divided this $19.53B evenly among states based on their non-metropolitan population, as directed by the legislation. But the aid only goes to “non-entitlement units.” In many states, a substantial share of the population lives in unincorporated areas so “non-metro population” ≠ “non-entitlement population” in many states.The seemingly small decision about how to count the population this aid is targeted toward has a big impact on how much aid towns across the country will ultimately receive.
  • Arrests in schools and what you can do
    In this edition of the Civic Pulse you’ll find: Arrests in schools and what we can do to reduce them, Urban Institute’s Education Data Explorer, updates on ARPA, our new website, and more.