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  • Measuring equity equitably
    We won our first research grant and we’re excited! Early this year we were awarded a research grant from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Grant Program funded by the National Science Foundation. Our proposal was titled: Equity analysis at a large scale: Using small area estimation to get the most from the CRDC school arrest data and Hannah and… Read more: Measuring equity equitably
  • The invisible tech monopolies holding back democracy
    Plus why the timesheet and benefits portals at your job are so bad As I logged into two separate government “vendor portals” to submit invoices and type in the same business information I have input dozens of times before, I was reminded of how frustrating the software we are forced to use every day can be. For the most part,… Read more: The invisible tech monopolies holding back democracy
  • 5 Steps You Can Take to Defend Your Data
    At Civilytics, we’ve seen firsthand the higher burden advocates face when seeking to use data to make change. That’s why we were excited to partner with Tableau on creating a 5-step guide to #defendyourdata.
  • Thank you, Dad
    In memory of Jim Knowles Content warning: grief, loss of a parent A little over a month ago, on May 7th, my dad, Jim Knowles, passed away unexpectedly. He was 66 years old. For me, the world just kind of stopped. My dad and I were very close and I’m still figuring out my way forward.  I’m breaking from our… Read more: Thank you, Dad
  • What my favorite Super Bowl ad says about Americans’ top domestic priority
    Or why we need to rescue the Rescue Funds I have a new habit when I’m brushing my teeth at night – counting vacant houses. Last night I counted 6 vacant units visible out my window. This is in the middle of one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Vacant houses are on my mind personally (I… Read more: What my favorite Super Bowl ad says about Americans’ top domestic priority
  • Tracking ARPA Spending by State and Local Governments
    Understanding how state and local governments are spending their American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds can be challenging, but several groups have put together excellent trackers to aid in this quest. This post highlights key features (and a few limitations) of four trackers.
  • Did You Know? 5 Facts about Jared from a Recent Interview
    Jared recently talked with Leanpub co-founder Len Epps on the podcast Frontmatter. This post has 5 fun facts Jared shared in the episode.