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  • Getting things done at Civilytics (Jared’s version)
    This issue will skew a bit tech-heavy because in 2021 I spent a lot of time rethinking the tools we use to improve collaboration and scale to more than one employee. This will be the first in an annual issue of The Civic Pulse looking into our lab and sharing a bit about how we get things done. If you are curious about tech, thinking about business software solutions for your own work, or wonder a bit about what the day-to-day in a small data science company looks like — I hope you enjoy! In this issue you’ll find: Open source tools spurring our collaboration and securing our data Communication tools for sharing findings to very different audiences Statistical tools we’ve built or are building Tools we are learning about or in search of — have an idea/recommendation/suggestion, let us know!
  • New book on education data available today
    Read Education Data Done Right Volume II now Civilytics’ origin is in education data analysis and, though it makes up a significant share of our work, it’s often work that we can be less public about. So this month we’re excited to devote the newsletter to our education work!  In this edition you’ll find: Announcing our new book — EDDR […]
  • How Mass Incarceration Erodes Black Political Power
    More than 2 million people are imprisoned in the US; relocated and held in a community different from the one they reside in. The population relocation that is a direct result of mass incarceration shapes political power in every state. Learn more in the Civic Pulse.
  • New Study Illuminates Underreporting of Deaths due to Police
    A new study finds that official government death records underreport by more than 50% how many people are killed by police. This post summarizes the study’s findings and data and offers our take on how this research should shape the way we think about our communities and government.
  • Prison Gerrymandering Dashboard: Data & Methods
    This post describes the data sources and methods used to create our dashboard on prison gerrymandering for the Tableau Racial Equity Data Hub.
  • New dashboard visualizes scope of prison gerrymandering, points to opportunities for change
    A new dashboard created for the Tableau Racial Equity Data Hub examines prison gerrymandering across states. Prison gerrymandering is the practice of counting incarcerated people where they are imprisoned for the purpose of redistricting.
  • Happy birthday Civilytics!
    A look back, a look forward, and STATS-DC This year marks the 5th anniversary of Civilytics Consulting (founded 8/28/2016). Five years is undoubtedly a milestone – one that most of the times I was sure I’d make it to but not always! When I founded Civilytics, it was with a five-year plan in mind. My plan was to build a […]