Build Back Better - But for who?*

With updates on election results and new education resources

Police, Budgets, and the People's Money

A roundup of important reads about the struggle to rethink safety and justice in this issue of the Civic Pulse.

Take Back Your Budget!

How to Take Back the Budget is an introductory guide to city and county budgets released by the Community Resource Hub to help communities engaged in campaigns to #DefundPolice and invest in community needs. The guide draws on the expertise, dedication, and momentum of grassroots groups across the country, and of Jared Knowles of Civilytics Consulting, who brings over a decade of experience with public budgets and has analyzed police budgets in partnership with organizers in over a dozen cities over the past six months.

Public Safety Without Police

Learn about how communities are making themselves safer by reducing the presence of police and investing in better forms of public safety in this issue of the Civic Pulse.

How to Take Back the Budget

A guide to reviewing and changing the police budget in your community

Pricing Policing in Your City

A free tool to explore the spending priorities for your city using historical spending data on 150 U.S. cities.

Four Myths About Police Budgets

Learn what you should know about your city's budget, and what is coming next in this issue of the Civic Pulse.

Policing From Reform to Abolition

To understand the police abolition movement, it helps to begin by thinking of the demands around policing in America as a continuum with 4 positions. I want to talk about each of these, give you some resources to learn more about them, and share with you how I'm thinking. I hope you find this helpful in finding your own place along the continuum.

Policing, Accountability, and What Comes Next

If you are outraged about the murder of George Floyd and wondering what can be done, join me in pledging to take these steps and to recommit to these steps again in a few months

Policing the American University

A study of staffing levels and arrest patterns and trends for campus police departments in the United States.