Budget Advocacy Tools

The People’s Budget Calculator

The People’s Budget Calculator empowers members of the public to use a Google Sheet to design their own budget proposals and price them within a format similar to that used by city and state governments. Additionally, users can calculate their budget proposal cost in terms of a reduction in the number of police officers in their city – allowing the user to show how a proposed project could be budget neutral with a reduction in police staffing. Users can export their budget proposal conveniently as a PDF and customize their proposal with their own logo.

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People’s Budget Calculator

Police Department Size Calculator

The Police Department Size Calculator empowers members of the public to use a Google Sheet to compare the size of their police department to similar sized departments in other cities and to cities across the country with similar populations. The report also provides an overview of all police departments in the state and a comparison to the national average police department. The tool is designed to quickly produce a report comparing any city to relevant national comparison groups in a format that community members can share and incorporate into their own work. This tool uses the latest available data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to make national comparisons.

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Police Department Size Calculator

Coming Soon: Civic Spending Priorities Tool

A new tool is being developed to allow users to explore changes in per-capita spending priorities in their city over time.

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Growth in City Service Per Capita Spending

Privacy and Terms of Service

Both of these tools are made freely available and are free to use. They will never track you or your information and no information you provide to use them (your Google Account, the contents of the spreadsheets) will ever be transmitted to, seen by, or used by Civilytics Consulting LLC - the application developer.

These tools need extra permissions to run on your Google Account to make them easier to use. The specific permissions needed are listed here:

  • Access to your Google Drive to store a PDF printout of the budget proposal
  • Access to your browser to make a pop-up with a link to the User Guide

No information is accessed outside of the spreadsheet and no information in the spreadsheet or in your Google Drive is sent outside your account. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the developer.

Jared Knowles

Founder and President of Civilytics Consulting LLC.