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Jared Knowles, President

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By using open source software, providing all source code accompanied paired with high-quality documentation, and thoroughly training customers in the product, Civilytics ensures that its clients can maintain products developed through the contract long after the contract ends. This sustainable partnership model is unique, allowing agencies to build lasting organizational change. Civilytics approaches projects with a human centered design methodology that creates lasting partnerships with clients.


Past projects have included customized R and education analytics workshops at a large school district, coaching a state education agency on early warning system development, ethics and accountability audits of predictive models, and analytic software design.



Civilytics wants to change the way we hold local governments accountable. This work has begun by providing low- and no-cost public accountability analyses to organizations working on police reform.


Civilytics is also expanding its work in education with exciting new partnerships in higher education analytics with both community colleges and four-year universities. And, if your K-12 organization could use some analytic expertise, Civilytics provides the hands-on approach and experience to help your organization reach the next level. Sound interesting? Check out our work, or get in touch.


The work to reinvigorate our democracy must begin at the local level — where the public has the greatest control and barriers to collective action are the lowest. Civilytics is focusing on building the tools communities need to understand and deliberate about the performance of their local governments in delivering services.


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