R Bootcamp

This page archives one of the earliest R trainings put together by Jared. Since this project was completed in 2012 there have been many changes in R and a proliferation of wonderful open-access learning tools to learn R. These are provided here to document the history of this work, but we have more modern training materials available.


Welcome to the R Bootcamp. Here you can find all the materials used for the Second R Bootcamp for Education at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. These slides represent the slides presented on December 3rd-5th of 2012. However, the slides are being further developed to improve the relevance and usefulness of the material based on feedback received at each bootcamp. In particular, modules 6-8 and the two optional modules are being revised extensively.

For the latest slides and developments on bootcamp materials, check out the GitHub repository with the latest files. You can also get access to the data files necessary. All materials are licensed in the Public Domain.

Sector67 R Short Course

For a shorter, 2 hour condensed introduction to the bootcamp, please review [these slides].

These slides were presented at Sector67, Madison, Wisconsin’s Center for Prototyping, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing. They were adapted from the materials below by my friend and colleague at the Department of Public Instruction, Justin Meyer.

For the materials to follow along with the short course, get the [zip file here].


To download all materials at once, you can get the .zip file here.

To download the materials you’ll need to participate in the workshop, get a .zip file here.

Bootcamp Modules

Each module of the R Bootcamp is independent and takes about 90 minutes to work through in a classroom setting. The modules each come with HTML5 slide decks that can be displayed in any modern browser, HTML notes pages which include all the content of the slides in an HTML document, and R code which includes all the R code in the slide set. 

Setting up for the R Bootcamp:

These slides help you get started installing R, RStudio and the packages necessary to complete the bootcamp. 

Slides [download] | Handouts R Code

Tutorial 0: Overview of Workshop

Some slides introducing the DPI R Bootcamp. Can be customized for other workshops. 

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 1: Introduction to R

Introduction to the history of R, R as a programming language, and features of the R language.

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 2: Getting Data In

How to get data into R, how to manipulate data objects in R, how to manage data

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 3: Sorting and Reshaping Data

Manipulating data using R

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 4: Cleaning Education Data

Using workshop modules from the Strategic Data Project, this provides an introduction to data cleaning for education data.

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 5: Regression and Basic Analytics in R

Example using school mean test scores to do OLS regression and regression diagnostics in R. 

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 6: Visualizing Data

Harness the power of R’s data visualization packages to make compelling and informative visualizations.

Slides [download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 7: Exporting Your Work

The most important thing is being able to get results out to share with others. This tutorial walks through creating image files of your graphics, developing HTML notebooks and reports of analyses, and discussing reproducibility in analysis.

Slide[download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial 8: Advanced Topics

A potpourri of advanced features in R. 

Slides[download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial X: A Statistics Refresher

Reminding ourselves about a few basic statistical principles.  

Slides[download] | Handouts | R Code

Tutorial XX: Programming Principles

Co-created with Nathan Calverley, this section is just some brief tips and pointers about programming languages and writing code. 


This work (R Bootcamp for Education by Jared Knowles), on behalf of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, is free of known copyright restrictions.