Mapping Admissions Prospects (MAP)

Using a powerful map interface, you can explore differences in college-readiness, and community traits, among schools nationwide.

Build Back Better - But for who?*

With updates on election results and new education resources

Why Write Education Data Done Right?

I co-authored a book on education data analysis, Education Data Done Right, with two wonderful people. It has been great to share it with people and hear from so many readers. But one question I’ve gotten from a lot of people, which I wasn’t prepared for, was this good one: Does the book include R code as a way to tackle education data problems? If I’m known for anything in the education data world it’s my application of R to solve many technical challenges that education agencies face.

Equity Focused Admissions Prospect Search in the Time of COVID

A new tool to help colleges find the admissions prospects they need fast and effectively.

Four Lessons for Delivering Online Learning to Professionals

Four keys to successful online virtual learning.

Budget Advocacy Tools

Tools to help put the power of the purse back in the hands of the people.

Education Data Done Right

Lessons from the Trenches of Applied Data Science

Freshmen Recruitment and Admissions Intelligence System

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) asked Civilytics to build an equity-focused tool to identify high schools for recruiting freshmen to system universities. This tool uses only publicly available information to give PASSHE schools the information they need to develop recruitment and marketing campaigns. FRAIS Gives users tools to interactively explore the number of college-ready students across the United States including the ability to filter and sort by race and ethnicity, geography, and academic selectivity.

Projecting Student Enrollment

Using GAMMs for flexible estimation


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