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Mapping Admissions Prospects (MAP) tool was born out of necessity. The Pennsylvania State University System commissioned Civilytics’ President, Jared, to develop a self-learning latent-variable recruitment tool to more efficiently identify prospect markets using public data. Jared, and Civilytics’ Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Rebecca Keiser, knew that the need for this type of tool was not unique to the Pennsylvania State University System. Rebecca, a higher education admissions professional herself, had spent countless hours analyzing maps of demographic data, past travel season notes in the CRM, application and conversion data, facts from, and locations on Google Maps to identify schools to visit and possible new territories in which to expand recruitment efforts.

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She knew that MAP would have saved her, and each admissions counselor in her office, time and would have increased efficacy in identifying target high schools. Jared and Rebecca further developed the original platform and are excited to offer MAP to all colleges and universities across the country.

With Mapping Admissions Prospects (MAP) your team can plan their travel season and develop a recruiting strategy through a single web-based platform, using tools to identify:

  • College readiness ratings of individual high schools
  • High school graduation rate
  • Percent of students taking college level coursework
  • Percent of students taking the ACT/SAT
  • Percent of students enrolled in specific courses such as physics, chemistry, and calculus
  • Location and proximity of public and private schools within their travel territory
  • Median household income demographics-displayed by a heat map
  • Nearby private high schools and their contact information

Your team can identify specific high schools enrolling students who meet certain criteria regarding:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • First-generation likelihood
  • College readiness score
  • Pell Eligibility
  • Number of students completing four years of math and science

MAP was designed to help schools reach their goals of broadening their admissions search to improve equity and access to their institutions. It provides first-of-their-kind tools for identifying college-ready students across the country.

Screenshot of report contents

Screenshot of report contents

Screenshot of report contents

Screenshot of report contents

With its variety of filters and features the application allows your team to tailor their search based on the recruitment objectives of your institution each year. Whether that’s expanding into a new market, identifying college ready first-gen or under-represented populations, or locating schools nearby current feeder schools.

MAP does not use any personal data about students and it does not rely on any data from admissions test vendors. Our tool only uses publicly available information about public K-12 schools and analyzes that data to provide only the information relevant to you and your recruiting goals, giving you just what you want and none of what you don’t need.


Getting the information you need to reach enrollment prospects can be expensive. Now, with traditional data sources for identifying college prospects interrupted due to the impact of COVID-19 it is harder than ever to know how best to reach admission prospects. At Civilytics we’ve done the hard work of gathering the data, combining it, applying cutting-edge statistical modeling, and presenting you with an easy to use map of the results. No set up. No data integration. No hassle!


We offer two convenient plans:

  1. An annual subscription that includes all of the latest updates and 24/7 support

  2. A custom local deployment with customer specific enhancements

Purchase options coming soon!

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Tech Support

MAP is hosted and deployed in a cloud environment for you – there is no need to set up, configure, or integrate anything on your end. Once you complete your purchase you’ll be given unlimited access to MAP for 1 year. During that time Civilytics will be responsible for ensuring the application is maintained and accessible at all times.

Should you have any problems using the application you can reach our support team and we promise to resolve your issue within 24 hours.


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Coming soon.

Jared Knowles

Founder and President of Civilytics Consulting LLC.